Breed Shows

The Highveld Belgian Shepherd Dog Club hosts two breed shows annually.
The first breed show is held on the third Sunday in February of each year and is an Open show. This show is typically hosted along with several of the working disciplines such as Obedience, Dog Jumping and Flyball.

The second breed show is held annually during June and is typically also hosted the third Sunday in June. This is our annual Championship Breed show. A lunch is usually served at this event and is always enjoyed by everyone that attends.

Open Breed Show

Championship Breed Show

Working Shows

At least two working discipline shows are hosted annually by the Club, the first being held during February of each year in tandem with our Open Breed Show and includes disciplines such as Obedience and Flyball among others. The working disciplines are open to all breeds and not only Belgian Shepherds.

During June, we have a weekend of Belgian Shepherd activities in the form of a Championship Breed show and from a working perspective, we also host the annual IGP Championship trial which is usually run over two days. The IGP trial is, however, open to all breeds

Open Working Show

IGP Championship Trial

Other Events

From time to time the HBSDC also hosts some fun events such as a dog walk, social gatherings and so forth.
These events are not necessarily hosted annually, however, we do try to host some of these events on a regular basis, provided that there is sufficient interest.
If you have any fun ideas that you think the Club should consider offering to our members, please get in touch with anyone on the Club committee or private message us on Facebook.

Notice of the HBSDC AGM


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